Province 12
South Wales and the West
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"Welcome to the Province 12 website. This site provides a communications hub that enables us to
share organisational information and social news across our Province in a convenient and timely way."
- Provincial President

About Us
The Catenians are a group of Catholic friends who meet regularly to offer each other fraternal companionship, friendship, fun and support. Formed in 1908 in Manchester, and developed from the UK the Catenians are now an international social network and are established in many countries throughout the world.
Catenians in the South West of England and South Wales belong to Province 12 of the GB Association and are organised into “clubs”, (we call them Circles),  who meet together about once a month to enjoy one another’s company.  
We are always interested to hear from Catholic men who may consider joining us.  If you’d like to know more please click here.
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